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April 2008
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Mark Deniz [userpic]
That secret project revealed (in part)

Okay key words here:

Anthology, containing three novellas, all of which have something to do with Ishtar, goddess of love and war, and then, wait for it:

Written by:

Kaaron Warren
Deborah Biancotti and
Cat Sparks

(aka Red Hot Bad)

(oh yeah and edited by Mark S. Deniz)

I am so excited about getting these three fantastic authors in one book and this is going to be amazing, you mark my words!

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This makes us honorary Assyrians, right?

(Do we get a key to the executive bathroom?)

And psuedo-Assyrian names and everything...

I must enquire about that key though, as last I heard it was a left turn after the gardens...

That's quite the line up! :-)

I know, I know, it truly rocks!


I'm working on my honorary ancient Assyrian hairdo right now. Am I right in thinking big hair?


But remember the beard too!

of course!

You should see if kateorman is available for something. She has a lot of interest in this subject, and has published various novels which touch upon such ancient cultures (among many other things).

(She is also my old flatmate, I mention in passing :-)

I had the same thought. Kate is not only a very talented (and awarded, and published, etc) author in her own right, she knows more about Ishtar than any three other people I know, even assuming I know lots of mythology/archeology fans. Her knowledge of Ishtar is incredibly deep.

I did indeed see your comments on catsparx' LJ and due to that, and this, I contacted Kate and we are in discussion about another sekrit project...


How come we kept missing each other at Conflux 4?